Mind Map Zoom

MM is a popular tool for the exchange of ideas and learn to visually organize the ideas and technology of connections. It can be used, you can graphically map the connections of some central concept or theme with other concepts or topics in unforgettable tree diagrams. It allows you to create, capture, organize, and communicate easily understandable and highly interactive visual representations of complex ideas, information, and data. A mind map always starts any problem or issue that is placed in the middle. It usually contains words, short phrases and images that are connected to the central question of the lines. Most are visually oriented. Concepts or topics related to structure, Word, color, to bring images and hypertext links (and its) concepts of life, of the members MM with a core concept or problem. Unlike thought linear mode (which had probably learned it in school) stimulates the imagination and creativity, which through the connection of the halves left and right brain. Therefore, it is taking advantage of the full range of analytical and creative skills. Radial designs used for centuries, to analyze the problems of all kinds. A typical example is the graphic representation of the categories of Aristotle's Poephyry in the 3rd century neoplatonist thinkers. Tony Buzan, British psychologist and a guru of business creativity, sought a more quick and visual way to integrate ideas on paper to support learning and memory. Popularized in the 1960's, the plan of the modern spirit. Knowledge management systems. The mind map can serve as a visual interface that contains information or links. It allows the automatic storage of your mind map by search engines and for the renewal of the content using the latest update of the software. To manage the information of meetings, presentations, projects, proposals, research, contacts, etc. both in the preparation phase, the execution phase and the follow-up phase. You can draw mind maps in hand, a conference or a meeting, but the process is also special software as additional benefits of MM and application of new and interesting domains can be supported. Software MM can be used at various levels: use events. To increase interaction and communication with stakeholders, they can see threads and allows simple notification as a result of events such as conferences, workshops and seminars. Commercial use. Create an open and collaborative culture to standardize and support processes (procurement, project management, management of human resources, sales and marketing, research and development). In order to better manage information and avoiding the duplication of unnecessary information, such as details of your mind map can be converted easily synchronized. Spirit mapping maps for educators, for use in the provision of adult education. It is a good way of knowing where you are in your studies, and what comes next, without having to search in your documents. Now I use it in my training. Now, I will take the spirit. To study the law, mapping the mind, a partner of the spirit, if the right to education, is very useful, because I identify me another context may contain a map and easily. If a concept is more difficult to learn, symbols or images can also be used. You can also apply for the League. Tools for the mind mapping mindmapping male easier communication for the translation of vague ideas and visions into concrete projects. I personally love the personal software brain, because it allows to use various mental maps at the same time. It takes spirit only mapping-mind mapping a ste on Science, I think that the mapping approach is useful. Also hope to ask you a few questions about this: (i) how can I write, maps for experimental procedures and random passages not fixed (ii) must comply with the spirit as a science. Mind-Mind Mapping software tools mapping was very helpful throughout my team in my company. We use a popular software for map of our projects than for other groups to communicate. Our commercial team also maps used to plan mind map zoom its strategy of account. Mindmapping is a victory. Mind mapping in the art that I have worked with the spirit of the letters of the projects of artistic creation with my students at the school, the results have been successful. Provide an effective tool for all the ideas, feelings to maintain and if possible to capture them in their minds. Find mind maps to support a simpler technique, because it is based on two fundamental ideas of analytical thinking mind maps and decomposition. Decompositions and functional classification. These two techniques are fundamentally inadequate, as he is assumed that things can properly be cl, .